About Company

Kissan Agrovet is a trusted cattle feed manufacturing brand in India, dominating the market production since its inception in 1991. Over the years, we have earned an enviable reputation in the eyes of our customers by providing the best quality of products employing world-class manufacturing facilities with innovative strategies and high-quality standards. Our advantage and superior performance stems from the exemplary efforts of our multi-faceted team who are all aligned to our core values of courage, trust and commitment.  With the trust and loyalty of our customers we are the largest cattle feed manufacturers of Rajasthan and are on our way to become one of the leading cattle feed manufacturers in India.
With a workforce of about 60 skilled people and a massive, highly efficient automatic plant with a production capacity of over 200 MT per day and a network of over 200 distributors and dealers around North India, we are on our way of growth and excellence.


Kissan Agrovet strives to become the most reputed, trustworthy and recognised brand with blind customer faith and excellent product and services. We wish to cater to people of every capacity and provide our services at competitive prices.Our aim is to promote the idea of co-existence through our daily functioning and regular practices. We are committed to make ourselves better for an adulteration free world.


  • Our mission is to reliably deliver cost-efficient and nutrient rich cattle feed for sustainable development.
  • Establising ‘Doctor Pashu Aahar’ as a recognised brand by employing world-class manufacturing facilities with innovative strategies and high-quality standards.
  • Expanding our presence throughout the country to provide customers all over with a rich and noteworthy experience.
  • Creating a customer base that is trusting and loyal towards the wide range of products that we offer.



Gaining customer statisfaction by providing products of highest quality and outstanding services to give the best customer experience.


Continuing the production of the best products.


Committed towards producing the best customer experience.


Providing the best services to maintain customer trust.

Why Kissan Agrovet

  • Rich experience of 30 years, helps in producing the finest quality products.
  • Supreme importance given to the selection of quality raw material.
  • Nutritionally balanced cattle feed, improving cattle’s heath and fertility.
  • Availability of wide range of product suiting your requirements and capacity.
  • Hygienically produced high energy goods.
  • Highly digestible products, guaranteeing the increase of the milk production capacity of the cattle.
  • Products available at minimized costs.
  • An in-house nutritionist and facility for medical consultancy for cattle.
  • Workshops and training programs for dairy owners and farmers for improving their productivity and profitability.